We are a small family business who provide back-office services to businesses who want to focus on their core rather than on all the other factors of an enterprise. Any aspect of running a business, which will help your business succeed, we are ready to assist you in that area. From inception to production and logistics. Browse through our online office and see how we can be of service to you.


Online Shops

In our quest to making a successful business, we believe most businesses need an online shop, even if you’re not an Amazon.


Online Education

SEO Marketing

is a science and part of the artificial trend. It makes sense that technology has been developed to automate this process.

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Recent projects

Here is what we have been working on recently...

*Our client's names are withheld due to respect for their privacy.


From start to finish. This was a new business and we registered their company for them with CIPC. We also, through our business partner, registered the business for PAYE, UIF and at the Compensation Commissioner. We set up their accounting system, put procedures in place and trained the staff. We also set up a payroll system for them. And lastly we set up an online shop for their growing business. Ready, steady go!


This client has an existing business, since late 2021. The admin of the business was way behind and we helped to get it up-to-date. We are still in the process of getting all the registrations and submissions in place, but we’re confident that this young business will grow into a successful enterprise and will soon be a formidable player in their market.


This client has an existing business and has fallen behind in submissions and all the bookkeeping duties for a number of years. We joined forces with our TaxPractitioner partner and put together an action plan to change this seemingly irreparable situation into a promising solution.

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We are passionate about business and we are passionate about your success. That’s why we have put together tips and techniques to make managing your business só much easier. Are you ready?

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We are here to help your business succeed. We treat each of our clients’ business as if it is our own. When you succeed, so do we, and we love succeeding.