Our Story

The idea of Digital Joe started in 2016 when we realised that we wanted to help small businesses succeed by assisting them with various services. It started with website building and Facebook marketing.


The Journey Continues

From 2017 to 2018 Digital Joe continued to progress and grow albeit slowly. To broaden our digital marketing base we not only had to explore which markets we wanted to target and help advertise, but also which customers we wanted to serve and help grow within themselves as a brand.

And then came Fish Bowl

In October 2018 we decided to formally register the business. Unfortunately the name Digital Joe was not available at that time, so we decided to go completely off the wall and call the business Fish Bowl Business Centre. This, of course, was almost always a topic of discussion. "Where did you get the name Fish Bowl?"


One Year Later

By October 2019 Fish Bowl had grown to a business which had gained wonderful clients. Our market was steadily growing in the website, digital marketing and admin sectors.


Finally - Digital Joe

On 28 February 2020 we officially renamed Fish Bowl to Digital Joe. It was not a decision made lightly, but we realised that for our existing clients it did not really matter what we called ourselves, as long as we delivered the same high level of service they have become accustomed to. For our prospective new markets it was important that we aligned our brand with our vision, which is DIGITAL AUTOMATION for small businesses.


The Future

2020 has redefined the way we live and do business across the globe. Nothing could prepare us for what we have experienced and are currently still experiencing. The one thing that is a definite fact is that we all need to think outside the boxes that were previously defined either by ourselves or by others.

We are redefining our lives and our businesses and DIGITAL AUTOMATION is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity.

Let Us Help Your Business Succeed!

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