Business Automation

Making technology work for you - effectively. We bring different technologies together to create an automated business environment that increases your productivity in multiples.


Which way?

We show you the way. As small business owners of many years we have identified many facets of running a small business which can be automated. Then we researched the best and most cost effective way of doing so.


After almost 30 years in business of various shapes and sizes, we have learnt that nothing comes from nothing. Very seldom does a business explode into success like in Hollywood. For that reason we have done extensive RESEARCH to find the best and most cost effective way (there's a difference) to automate small businesses.


All our solutions have a mobile version, which makes it super easy for you to keep track of what's happening, right on your smart phone - wherever there's Internet.


Building Blocks

Just like Rome, success is seldom built in a day. We start on one platform, build the success machine, make sure it runs effectively, and then we start with the next one. Until we have a complete SUCCESS FACTORY for your business, tailor made to your needs.



Analytics is super important to measure the results of the success machine. We monitor it constantly to make adjustments and increase efficiency, just like Formula 1 Race Car.

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